We had 10 days to find next TRAFFIT star


To shorten the recruiting processes, we had to prepare really well. What did the TO-DO list look like?

  • what will the process look like?
  • how long will it take?
  • what are the challenges in this position?
  • what is the offered salary?


We feel that automation is a great way to get rid of the boring, time-consuming, and repeatable activities — without losing the personal touch. We automated most of the email communication, also the ones with rejection reasons (different templates for every rejection reason).


The worst scenario from our perspective is when you collect applications for 2 weeks and start the preselection process after reaching a certain amount of CVs. If we were doing that, probably a huge percentage of candidates would not be available when we’ve reached them for the first time. Systematic preselection is the key.




The last vacancy in 2022 we needed to fill was a UI Designer. We received 70 really good applications. It took us 16 days from that day when Adam applied and sent us his portfolio for review to the day we offered him the job.



Chief Evangelist at Traffit.com. Human resources enthusiast.

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